04 July 2022: Fizzy Watermelon Mocktail

Fizzy Watermelon Mocktail from allshecooks.com

While I’m not a terrible home bartender, I’ve discovered that my mocktail game really needs some work.

This morning I was in search of a refreshing mocktail that would offset the heat of Independence Day. And put to good use some of the very large watermelon that was taking up space in my fridge.

This Fizzy Watermelon Mocktail comes from All She Cooks, a food, travel, and lifestyle blog. The website is full of great recipes including this one for a refresher that uses just 5 simple ingredients.

Link to the Fizzy Watermelon mocktail here. And then take a look at some of the other offerings Nicole, the recipe creator and blogger has posted on her website, All She Cooks.


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