One day after the holiday break, I tweeted that I had 2016-05-17-amy-bisson-007-2shopped at our local Whole Foods store and that the final tally was less than $150. That got quite a reaction, as in “are you kidding me?” In actuality the total, including 2 impulse buys, was less than $136.

Which got me thinking: I’ve been meal planning for many, many, MANY years now. My goal has always been to cook four planned meals each week. As I work long days outside of the home 10 months a year (as an elementary teacher), four planned meals seemed do-able — trust me, seven was not.

While I used to be a strict vegetarian, I sometimes do use meat now – mostly poultry or fish – in cooking these days. Both Adrien and I are committed to eating more sustainable food products, we buy locally produced foods whenever possible, we visit farm stands and farmer’s markets and have off and on belonged to local CSAs. Living in the tundra of New England is a challenge in that regard. DSC_0033

Some of the recipes have come from my experimentation with tastes, but really I am more of a recipe finder who plans and cooks something from a cookbook, magazine or website that catches my eye. Therefore, there are references to the originator of each recipe in the blog and I’ve included links to my favorite food authors.

12113269_10205966707581738_2744916813746741673_oThis blog started as a collaboration between my husband, photographer Adrien Bisson who created most of the photographs for the first year or so of posts. More recently, I’ve started creating my own images – with quite a bit of just-in-time coaching. The teacher (that’s me for those keeping score) has become the student.

So I hope you too might find some resources for cooking and eating at home. I welcome your comments about recipes.

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  1. Kathi Grignon Voller says:

    Amy and Adrien,
    I look forward to following your blog. Your efforts mirror my concerns and goals!

  2. Marianne says:

    I am so excited to see the recipes and photos you post. Like you, we are a half-veggie/half-carnivore-when-out couple and our meals at home are mostly vegetarian; we are also committed to local and sustainable products, relying on our CSA, farmers’ markets and winter markets to get our produce. I am always looking for recipes that have been taste-tested so I’ll be following along.

    I did a $60 a week project a couple of years ago which chronicled my adventures cooking and eating well on a budget – it was a great experiment and really changed the way I think about food and myself as a home cook, and it completely changed the way I shop. I’m certain you both will enjoy your labor of love.

    1. amybisson says:

      Hi Marianne! I loved your $60 a week project! Do you mind if I link to it?

      1. Marianne says:

        Of course I don’t, I’d be totally flattered!

        That quinoa recipe looks amazing, I am going to have to try it (anything with mushrooms is an instant fave of mine.)

  3. Anne says:

    With my new found motivation to do more with less (http:bit.ly/hMoe7s), I’m really hoping to adopt a practice of eating at home at least four days a week as well- so your adventures are perfectly timed with my mission! I look forward to trying many of your favorites!

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