03 August 2022: Jacques Pépin’s Tomato Potage with Basil

This delicious soup – served hot or cold – comes from Jacques Pépin’s Simple and Healthy Cooking, written in 1994. One of the best things about this cookbook, besides the usual amazing dishes Chef Pépin shares, is that the nutrition information has already been calculated. That makes it easy for folks who need to monitor particular kinds of foods.

While I’ve had this book for quite a while and have made several recipes from it, this was the first time I can recall making this delicious Tomato Potage. On a hot summer night with ripe tomatoes and basil in plentiful supply, it was a perfect centerpiece for a light supper.

Only one of the 3 lbs. of fresh tomatoes needs to be peeled, making this truly an easy recipe as well as a tasty one. The recipe can be found on page 53 of Simple and Healthy Cooking.


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