16 Feb. 2022: Sweet Potato, Squash & Black Bean Enchilada

You know you’re in for something special when the head note on a recipe starts out like this

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who like enchiladas and people who have no f-ing* taste. Which are you?

a) *sorry Mom and b) Thug Kitchen (now Bad Manners), the Official Cookbook (2014). New York: Rodale Press.

I’ve had more fun cooking from Thug Kitchen, now known as Bad Manners. Tasty, vegetarian, vegan, creative…. and fresh in every sense of the word. Expect that shit is just about to get real.

This is one of our favorites from the original. I could never do it justice by simply reprinting the recipe, so here’s the link right to Bad Manners website.

Sweet Potato, Squash, and Black Bean Enchiladas

Better yet, buy the book, subscribe to the newsletter and for the love of all things holy, listen to the podcast.


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