Everything Has a Season

It’s been a long time since my last food post.  The school year was a lot more insane than I expected. Adrien’s “real” business efforts have picked up. And I learned a bit about my own nutrition.

I’ve stopped avoiding meat and become more of a (with a nod to Mark Bittman) less-meat-atarian.  Being of a certain age, I could no longer tolerate (digestively that is) a diet of beans and soy. It was difficult finding proteins that I could tolerate.

Reliance on carbs was doing a number on my insulin production. So I’ve been working with a nutrition counsellor and rethinking what I do eat.

This is my life-season for change. I am learning to eat proportionally according to what my body needs. My metabolism is mending now.

And if you’re still with me – I will be posting some new meal finds in the next weeks. With and without animal/fish protein sources.


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  1. Mickie says:

    Aha … I have to say you and I appear to be on the same wavelength about many different things! I, too, tried to go vegetarian but it’s been brutally hard to adjust to the beans and greens and lentils et al. Then I found that both Dr. Oz and my own PC include just a touch of meat/fish protein during each week arguing that it’s a type of valuable protein you won’t get from plants. My PC steered me towards the “Full Plate Diet” book and it is awesome. Google it to get a glimpse. It breaks things down into reasonable packages so that you DON’T get veggied-out or lentiled-to-death. And there’s still room for meat/fish protein during the week that is not overbearing. Good luck to you … looking forward to some new recipes!

    1. amybisson says:

      I’ll be looking for this book, Mickie. I’ve read Kessler’s book on cravings and now am in the middle of Metabolic Effect. Both are fairly scientific. Now if I can just get my photographer back, we’ll see some of the new recipe finds!

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