08 Apr 2011 Back in the saddle with Carrot Soup

My Comment: March was a cruel month — too much to do at work, lousy weather, and one cold virus after the other. Did anyone notice 4N/W was MIA? But April… well with April, there comes new resolve: we ARE going to go back to our basics of eating well, eating healthy foods, and eating economically.

This recipe was one I winged.  I think I’d use less broth next time around. I’ve made other soups featuring carrots and ginger; this was the first time I thought to add in thyme.

Carrot ginger soup
Copyright © 2011. Adrien Bisson.


1 TBSP olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 yellow onion, halved and then sliced
About a 2 inch chunk of fresh ginger, peeled and diced
About a pound of baby carrots, chopped up into rounds
1 tsp thyme
6 cups water/vegetable broth (I used a combination — feel free to reduce this for a thicker soup)
dollop of plain nonfat yogurt


1. Heat the oil in a soup-sized sauce pan. Throw in the garlic and onions — keep the heat settings low enough to sweat the garlic and onions, not crisp them.

2. Throw in the ginger, stir, and allow to cook with the onions/garlic for a couple of minutes before you add the carrots.

3. Add the thyme; stir everything to coat.

4. Add the broth and allow all the veggies to cook until tender. Use an immersion blender to puree the soup right in the pot.

5. Serve. Add a dollop of yogurt (I used Icelandic – you will want something thick).

Serves: 4. Points = 2


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