Monthly Archives: February 2012

Everything Has a Season

It’s been a long time since my last food post.  The school year was a lot more insane than I expected. Adrien’s “real” business efforts have picked up. And I learned a bit about my own nutrition.

I’ve stopped avoiding meat and become more of a (with a nod to Mark Bittman) less-meat-atarian.  Being of a certain age, I could no longer tolerate (digestively that is) a diet of beans and soy. It was difficult finding proteins that I could tolerate.

Reliance on carbs was doing a number on my insulin production. So I’ve been working with a nutrition counsellor and rethinking what I do eat.

This is my life-season for change. I am learning to eat proportionally according to what my body needs. My metabolism is mending now.

And if you’re still with me – I will be posting some new meal finds in the next weeks. With and without animal/fish protein sources.

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