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11 Mar 2011 Weeknight Stirfry from Whole Foods

Adapted from Whole foods market. The whole deal. (March/April 2011). Austin, TX: Whole Foods Market, IP, LP. p 20.

My Comment: Could it be…. Seitan? Why yes it is.  The 5 basic recipes in this month’s Whole Deal from Whole

Italian Skillet Dinner

Copyright © 2011. Adrien Bisson.

Foods Market caught my eye because once the basic method is mastered, it’s just a matter of changing up the seasonings to create all sorts of quick meals. While Whole Foods used ground beef as the base, I am using Seitan, a wheat protein. Feel free to substitute your favorite vegetarian protein product — soy crumbles would also work well.


Protein:        1 package of Seitan (wheat soy protein)
Seasonings: 1 TBSP Italian seasoning (or make up your own!) AND 8 thinly sliced sun-dried tomatoes
Veggies:        1 15-oz. can diced tomatoes (I used Muir Glen, already seasoned with Italian seasoning)AND 1 bunch thinly sliced lacinto kale (remove the tough stems and wash thoroughly) AND 2 tsp chopped garlic


1. Heat a large skillet over medium heat.  Spray the pan with olive oil spray – you may need to add some olive oil when using Seitan or other meat substitutes as the protein will stick to the pan.

2. Add the seasonings to the pan along with the protein you are using. Brown until cooked through (about 10 minutes). The mixture should be fairly dry.

3. Stir in veggies and cook until just tender and heated through. I needed to cover the kale to get it to cook down.

4. Serve by itself or over some cooked pasta.

Serves 4. Weight Watcher points = 3.

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